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This is the blog page for The Appreneur System. These blogs will be about the app and gaming industries.
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03 May Traditional v Online Shopping

Physical v. Digital With technology constantly taking a larger effect on our lives, shopping definitely has taken a shift as well.  20 years ago the only other forms of shopping were done through catalogues or over television shows and advertisements.  With the internets popularity and the...

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21 Apr Choosing a Niche for Your Affiliate Website

At the core, affiliate marketing is about building relationships. Specifically, it is about the relationships between three entities (or people and businesses): the Advertiser, the Affiliate (this would be you), and the Consumer. Affiliate marketing is the practice of advertising other people’s, or companies, products...

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18 Apr How to Create a Blog Post

You purchased an affiliate package, your website is live, now what? You need to write Blog posts. In order to be approved to join affiliate programs that were discussed prior to your purchase, content is necessary. Content comes in the form of Blog posts on your...

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Why blogging is important for your affiliate marketing website

16 Apr WordPress Lessons: Why Blogging is Important

Recently, Appreneur System sat down and discussed what is the single most important lesson we have learned and want to share with our clients to help them on their journey. The answer was clear: why it is so important to blog and publish articles consistently. Content...

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12 Apr Blogging and Your Website

What's A Blog? The blog can be the most vital part of any website, even though it may not have the style any key information other sections of your website has.  Why is this? It comes down to a mixture of attracting people to your website...

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08 Apr Affiliate Websites

What is an Affiliate? Affiliate websites are the basis that our company stands on!  We love helping passionate individuals get their message to the world while finding affiliates that align with their own brand and message.  Whether you are passionate about sports or music there are...

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25 Mar Music Apps

Music Who does not love music? This gaming category is my all time favorite. If your someone like me who can not get away from music and listen to music all day long, this category is for you. This category is packed with instruments and fun...

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20 Mar App Spotlight: Goofy Golf

Goofy Golf Goofy Golf is a the newest sports related puzzle app.  As a player you must match your golf ball colors with those of the same color on the game board above.  The greater the number of same color balls together, the great the combos...

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